I know its been a long time since I have blogged! hopefully I will start again soon. writing about beauty is my passion and for me to give up on my blog would be disappointing for me!!!

Wait for more beauty posts!!

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10 Celebrities With The Most Beautiful Makeup Looks!

Hey Guys

I’m so obsessed with looking at other peoples makeup looks and trying to recreate them. Makeup is one of those things that if done properly can totally change the way someone looks and make them look stunning!
I love natural makeup looks also glam can be as beautiful if it is done by the right makeup artist.


I don’t know about you but I know when I see celebrities with a stunning makeup look I secretly die inside and want to wear the same look. They are probably the luckiest people in the world that can get their hand on AMAZING makeup artists and use them everyday. Today I thought I’d compile a list for you of 10 celebrities with the most beautiful makeup looks!!!

I hope you find them as beautiful as I find them and enjoy reading this blog post and learn something new.



This is ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LOOKS EVER! Done so beautiful and the makeup really just emphasises her beautiful long eyes, her foundation looks flawless and does not look cakey at all. I think Kim Kardashian’s makeup is always flawless. Ive tried recreating this look but it did not look nearly as good as this ūüė¶ EPIC FAIL


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Hey Guys,

When I think of face masks, I never expected bananas to have such amazing benefits for the skin!
After some research and testing it out for myself I have seriously seen some improvements in my skin. Not only does it give you glowing skin but it gives your skin a softer texture.
I like to make a plain banana face mask but obviously if you wanted you could more things like honey or yogurt that’s just up to you and what you want to achieve for you skin. I would really recommend everyone to try out this mask even if it is once, but I KNOW after I tell you about the 10 benefits of this mask you will most certainly want to try it hahahah.

Due to the high levels of minerals and vitamins in bananas it makes it perfect for the skin and can help it in many different ways! I know a lot of people that love using this as a face mask and I also know this has been used by many people for years.

SOOOOOOOOO Lets get started…!!! Enjoy and hope you learn something new today ūüôā

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My 12 Summer Essentials!

hello summer essentials

Hey Guys!

Summer is nearly here. Believe it or not were still in spring! As most of you may know summer starts on the 20th June, but since the weather has been getting very hot¬†and sunny I’ve changed my whole face and makeup routine. Though I have realised there are 12 things I have been reaching out for daily! They have surely become my summer essentials! I love these products and they are truly amazing (I can promise you that) Now enough of my talking, let me tell you about my 12 summer essentials ūüôā

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A Few Easy Steps For A Gorgeous Bigger Looking Pout!

Hey Guys!

Today I will be giving you a few easy tips on how to create a full pout. I think that a full lip can make your whole makeup look stand out and make you look beautiful. Being a big trend for the past few years, It has changed the way people have started applying their lipstick and lip liner. The way contour and highlight can change your face it can also be used on the lips to give a fuller looking lip!

Some people are lucky to have naturally full lips, but if you would like to learn some tips on enhancing¬†your lips please keep reading. ūüôā

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Hey Guys,

Ive been trying to find a good eye mask for a hell of a long time! I could never put my hand on one I would think that would work for me, Ive always been skeptical about spending money on something that has no certainty to work especially when it comes to skin products. I came across TONY MOLY products while watching ReadySetGlamour on youtube where she tested and reviewed products. Video is linked  HERE
She was so good at testing out and reviewing these products, one product that caught my eye was the TONY MOLY panda’s dream eye patch, she had nothing but good things to say about this product and this persuaded me enough to go buy these eye masks straight away. I honestly thought that it was going to be very expensive to buy but when i had checked them out on BEAUTY BAY¬†they were very INexpensive which really surprised me! Costing ¬£1.95 for a pack of one I would say is honestly worth it considering prices of other eye masks out there on the market. So I decided to order 5 pairs and¬†waited two days in anticipation looking out the window to see when my parcel would arrive. Finally the wait had finished today as it arrived after two days (very quick and excellent deliver service).
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My 7 most used and AMAZING makeup products!

Hey guys,

I have quite a lot of makeup however I don’t use EVERY product EVERYDAY! To be honest some of my makeup¬†is what I have had for the last past year (I know even makeup has an expiry date! naughty me lol).

On a daily basis I have 7 products that I really love using for an everyday look, which include a foundation, concealer, highlight and contour, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick and lip & blush tint

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L’Oreal Nude Rose Palette – Quick Eye Makeup!

Hey Guys!

Recently I’ve really been loving the L’Or√©al Color Riche La Palette in Nude Rose. It has many amazing colours in shimmer as well as mattes. Everything about this palette screams classy from the choice of colours to the packaging of the eyeshadow palette. As the name of the eyeshadow palette hints this is a very nude rose palette. I like using this palette for my everyday makeup look as it creates a nude look to a light smoky eye makeup. This palette retails for the price of ¬£14.99, which is a tad bit pricey considering the size of the eyeshadows but the colours are beautifully pigmented so it could be worth it if your not on a budget or want to have a rare splurge then this really is for you.

I will be sharing today the look I have created with this palette. A very simple purple look that I know will be suitable for most people as it is a hint or colour but very natural.

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DIY face mask – Oatmeal, Honey, yogurt



Hey guys!

Want to lighten pigmentation or acne scars?
Want beautiful smooth acne free skin?

Rest assure and believe me when I say I can help you with these problems, EVERY single one of them! With a few simple steps you can really get the skin you want and deserve. This mask is my holy grail mask and I LOVE doing it every week, because of the properties in this DIY mask it helps the skin in many different ways, as well as using this as a mask you can also exfoliate with this and is better then exfoliators in the shops.

Why is…

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3 amazing Eyeshadow palettes Im dying to buy!!

  • Morphe brushes Eyeshadow palette in 35T

    mobr0053f_1_l.jpgCan we just please take a moment to look at how¬†beautiful this eyeshadow is!! I kid you now when I say I have seen every tutorial on this palette. The colours are so wearable and I know I will use EVERY colour in this palette. If it lives up to its reviews as the eyeshadows being ‘buttery and pigmented’ then this ia a good quality cheap palette that is excellent for every girl. The price of this palette is ¬£18.25 and is available ¬†HERE

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