Foolproof of mastering gel eyeliner!

Putting on gel eyeliner is a task sometimes and quite a difficult task! I spent many years mastering the art of lining my eye lids LOL! As easy as it may look putting on eyeliner can be time consuming, One of my secrets to foolproof way of mastering gel eyeliner is by using a pen. NOOOOOO not those types of pen that you use to write but those one that’s can be put from a makeup counter like a fine liner felt tip pen.


This is one of I bought from abroad but some of my recommendations for felt tip liner will be listed below. This pen is extremely easy to use as it has a fine tip with a lot of control, however the downside to these pens is that they tend to semi dry out rather quick! Now this is were the second part comes in. Taking any gel liner…this is one is from Rimmel called the scandaleyes waterproof gel eyeliner


Now taking the felt tip pen and I dip it in my gel liner pot, covering the felt tip with a generous amount of eyeliner and then I just apply to eyeliner to my eye like I normally would! Its easy as ONE, TWO, THREE!!!!

And this is the final look:

My recommendations for felt tip eyeliner –
DIOR diorshow art pen   £26
AOM extreme art liner pen  £18.95
Barry M blink felt tip liquid eyeliner   £5
Rimmel London colour precise eyeliner   £4.49

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7 thoughts on “Foolproof of mastering gel eyeliner!

    • shylahshah says:

      I feel the struggle! that used to happen to me a lot but what I sometimes do is when I have finished my eyeliner with my gel I go over it with a matte black eyeshadow stays in place all day!. and another thing before doing any eye look always use a primer. makes a whole lot of difference.


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