Top 3 Lipsticks: SHYLAHBEAUTY

I LOVE wearing lipstick, I believe that lipstick finishes of any makeup look and makes you look more alive and presentable. Depending on your skin tone there will be different lipsticks that suit you. So what suits you might not suit me at ALL. Nude lipsticks are probably my favourite colour of lipsticks and that may possibly be because of my skin tone the only lipsticks that suit me to the T are any type of nudes, however I do like wearing a pop of colour sometimes. Sometimes shopping for lipsticks can be Bloody hard! Nowadays there are so many variety of colours to choose from, that one might get confused. This is why I’ve made my version  of the TOP 3 LIPSTICKS.
(*This is just my own view on my top 3 lipsticks and why I like them, what might work for me may not work for you and vice versa.)

1. Charlotte Tilbury in Very Victoria

This is one of my favourite lipsticks. It is a taupe brown/pinkish shade. To me its a very neutral shade! When I first saw this lipstick I LOVED the colour but was very apprehensive with buying because its ‘matte’ finish, however I was pleasantly surprised when I used this lipstick for the first time and it a very moisturising matte lipstick. It didn’t leave my lips at all dry and that’s what I liked about this lipstick. Its very hard to find to matte lipsticks that are also hydrating, but this one is totally a gem. Depending on you lip colour and skin shade the lipstick will have a different result. The packaging of this lipstick is very sleek but simple, love the colour of the lipstick packaging.
The price of this lipstick is £23 which is rather pricey if your on a budget BUT I would say it is most certainly worth it as it a very good lipstick with a great colour payoff.

2. Rimmel Kate Moss lasting finish is 08


The kate Moss collection is an amazing collection with a variety of colours for every skin tone possible. One of my favourite shades from this collection 08. I would say it is a nude colour with a hue of pink. Results vary depending on your skin colour and lip colour. For me this a ‘everyday’ lipstick that I can just throw on and go out. It is very natural looking with a hint of shimmer in it. This lipstick lives up to its name of ‘lasting finish’ it really does last all day. One of my favourite things about this lipstick is the smell of this lipstick its like HEAVEN ahhhhhhh. The packaging of this lipstick is one of my favourites a very modern, quirky looking lipstick. I would actually put this on display on my dressing table hahah! With a crown on the tip of the lid and Kate moss’s name with a little heart, I think the packaging is very unique.
The price tag of this lipstick is £5.49 which is not bad, quite cheap in my opinion.

3. Lip Contour by Huda Beauty in Trophy Wife


This ‘lip contour’ is for the BOLD! Being a very beautiful rosewood colour. Its a muted purple colour with a bit of pink. This is something Id wear on special occasions and not everyday as it is a strong colour for the daring. The lip contour itself is very moisturising as well pigmented. Like the Rimmel lipstick this is one of my favourite packaging as it comes in a pencil form with HUDA BEAUTY written on it. It a simple yet effective design that would possibly entice anyone to but it hahaha.
The price of this lip contour is £16 which cheaper the high end lipsticks but more expensive than drugstore makeup. A in between price. But looking how much product you get with this I guess it is worth it in the end.

I hope this guide helped you in choosing a new shade for your lipstick collection. please like, comment and follow

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