Crazy Toothbrush Beauty Hacks…NOT TO BE IGNORED!!!

Hello guys!,

Now I know when you think of a toothbrush you think of just using it to brush your teeth, however it can be used for many BEAUTY HACKS and making use of one tool for multiple jobs is a LIFE saver that saves you a ton load of money! These are the things I use it for and I hope this helps you!!!

1. Doing powder contour or highlight.
This may sound a bit silly but I do like dipping my toothbrush in my contour powder when I want to achieve a strong chiselled look. I find it gives the most sharp and precise line to my contour and really gets in to the hollow of my cheeks. I also use this for highlighting as I find it easy to highlight my nose, highpoints of my cheek and cupids bow, it really deposits the product properly on my face.

2. Exfoliating the nose
A lot of people suffer from blackheads on the nose and from personal experience it is a pain in the ASS! I hated the look of my nose with blackheads just made my skin look rough and foundation never really settled on my nose properly. I would always squeeze my blackheads out and it would leave my nose painful and extremely red, not to mention squeezing blackheads out regular can cause scarring. Simple solution for this agony? the toothbrush! I put some exfoliating cream on my toothbrush and would then exfoliate my nose with the toothbrush, leaving my nose soft and looking beautifully clean!!! thank the LORD!! hahaha.

3. Taming the brow hairs
Having tamed eyebrows really makes your look more clean and makes you look well groomed. With someone like me having thick eyebrows is a chore and I always have to set my brows in place so there not all over the place. After doing my brows I like to spray my toothbrush with hairspray then combing through my brows until they are neat and trim. EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY! 🙂

4. Taking of Matte Lipstick
Matte lipstick loved by many including me, looks elegant and gives the illusion of bigger and beautiful lips, BUT to every good thing there is a downside…and so there is to Matte lipsticks. They are a very hard to take off and stick to the skin like glue, ITS MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!! however….HAVE NO FEAR BECAUSE THE TOOTHBRUSH IS HERE. I like to take the toothbrush and scrub my lips with this, the benefits of this is that it takes of my lipstick as well as makes my lips soft and moisturized.

5. De Clump those lashes
We all love to use mascara, makes our whole look complete and makes the eyes look beautiful. I don’t know about you but I can certainly say that I really do overload the mascara on my lashes causing them to clump up. (excitement gets the most of me!) Not a very attractive look the clumped eye look but using the toothbrush is the easiest way for me to get rid of the clumped lashes and turn my lashes in to long, fanned out lashes! LOOKS GOOOOD!!!

Now you’ve read this you can try and see if this works for you! If yes then GREAT! Share with your friends and like comment and follow!

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Thank you xoxo



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