3 amazing Eyeshadow palettes Im dying to buy!!

  • Morphe brushes Eyeshadow palette in 35T

    mobr0053f_1_l.jpgCan we just please take a moment to look at how beautiful this eyeshadow is!! I kid you now when I say I have seen every tutorial on this palette. The colours are so wearable and I know I will use EVERY colour in this palette. If it lives up to its reviews as the eyeshadows being ‘buttery and pigmented’ then this ia a good quality cheap palette that is excellent for every girl. The price of this palette is £18.25 and is available  HERE

  • Sleek I Divine palette in oh so special



This palette is an amazing budget eyeshadow palette. I really do believe that is a must in my makeup bag. I do own a sleek palette in ‘au natural’ and it very pigmented and the colours are to die for! This eyeshadow palette is a very girl and flirty eyeshadow palette which is versatile as you can create looks from natural to heavy smokey eye makeup. The price of this palette is amazing and it is only £8.99! This palette is available HERE


  • Smashbox full exposure palette


    Packaging looks beautiful, colours look beautiful. It is just an beautiful palette overall!! I love it!! having the double ended brush with it really does come handy aswell. From shimmers to mattes you basically have ever colour your need for many different looks. The downside to this palette is the price, for all of those people looking for a palette that is budget friendly then sorry mate this isn’t for you LOL. With a hefty price of £38 it isnt one of the cheap options, however I do think it maybe worth it especially because of the beautiful colours and I can see this palette lasting me a long time. It is available HERE


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