DIY face mask – Oatmeal, Honey, yogurt



Hey guys!

Want to lighten pigmentation or acne scars?
Want beautiful smooth acne free skin?

Rest assure and believe me when I say I can help you with these problems, EVERY single one of them! With a few simple steps you can really get the skin you want and deserve. This mask is my holy grail mask and I LOVE doing it every week, because of the properties in this DIY mask it helps the skin in many different ways, as well as using this as a mask you can also exfoliate with this and is better then exfoliators in the shops.

Why is…

OATMEAL good for the skin – The reason this is good for the skin because oatmeal tackles dry, dull and flakey skin.It also moisturizes and lightens the skin aswell as removes dead skin.

HONEY good for the skin – Like the oats honey is a natural moisturizer and lightens pigmentation and scars. Honey is full of antioxidants and nutrients.

YOGURT good for the skin – Yogurt helps make your skin look a lot brighter and wrinkle free face! The most amazing benefits is that it gives you smaller pores!!! YAAAAAY



  1. Getting a bowl add 2 hand fulls of oatmeals cooked or crushed or straight out the pack!
  2. Then adding half a tea spoon of honey (just a tad bit) to the oats, mix them together so honey melts in to the oats
  3. Now add 2 table spoons of plain yogurt and mix until all the ingredients are mixed together properly.
  4. With a clean face (no makeup residue!) slap on the mix on the face to make a mask LOL!
  5. Leave for 10- 15 mins (maybe read a book or listen to music while waiting)
  6. For extra benefit while taking of the mask exfoliate the oats in to the face and then wash with luke warm water.
  7. Use your favourite moisturizer!

As you can see it is as easy as 1.2.3!!! The results are truly amazing and I’m sure after this a lot of people will notice your skin in a positive way.
Doing this once a week or once every 2 days really will help. This mask is for every skin type and wont cause any nasty side effects just FULL of benefits, benefits and benefits 🙂

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