L’Oreal Nude Rose Palette – Quick Eye Makeup!

Hey Guys!

Recently I’ve really been loving the L’Oréal Color Riche La Palette in Nude Rose. It has many amazing colours in shimmer as well as mattes. Everything about this palette screams classy from the choice of colours to the packaging of the eyeshadow palette. As the name of the eyeshadow palette hints this is a very nude rose palette. I like using this palette for my everyday makeup look as it creates a nude look to a light smoky eye makeup. This palette retails for the price of £14.99, which is a tad bit pricey considering the size of the eyeshadows but the colours are beautifully pigmented so it could be worth it if your not on a budget or want to have a rare splurge then this really is for you.

I will be sharing today the look I have created with this palette. A very simple purple look that I know will be suitable for most people as it is a hint or colour but very natural.


  1. Using shade number 1 and a crease blending brush I blend this shade above my crease as a transition shade. Blending takes time and patience the more time you spend on the blending the more seamless it will be and less harsh. Then taking shade 2 we will put that right below the transition shade in the crease.
  2. Now we have done the blending with the transition and crease colour, on to the lid!!!!
    This colour is the most beautiful colour on the lid in my opinion. A very beautiful purple shimmery colour! Using this shade (shade 3) pack this on to the lid with a flat shader brush. Pack the colour properly as you do not want to leave any skin showing.
  3. To balance the whole look out add the same colour (shade 3) to the lower lid and blend it, slightly smoking it out. This will create a beautiful look and not just a top heavy eyelid.
  4. The look has been completed in 3 steps. Personally I thought that was very quick. All we now need to do is add the finishing touches like eyeliner on the lid and in the waterline as well as adding mascara to make the whole look POP.


This palette is available HERE

I hope you really enjoy my blog posts as I like to try my hardest on each one. I’m sorry if it is not up to professional standards as I’m still learning, please bare with me.

EMAIL FOR ENQUIRES shylahzahrashah01@gmail.com

Thank you!


4 thoughts on “L’Oreal Nude Rose Palette – Quick Eye Makeup!

    • shylahshah says:

      It is a really nice palette the only down side I would say is that it is abit small. However the colours are so beautiful and a very spring summer palette that the size can be overlooked. Each shade has its own beauty to it. And 2 of my favourite shades is the highlight shade and the purple shade. I would really recommend u to buy it, and looking at ur picture the shades of these eyeshadows will really suit ur eyes and ur complexion!! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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