A Few Easy Steps For A Gorgeous Bigger Looking Pout!

Hey Guys!

Today I will be giving you a few easy tips on how to create a full pout. I think that a full lip can make your whole makeup look stand out and make you look beautiful. Being a big trend for the past few years, It has changed the way people have started applying their lipstick and lip liner. The way contour and highlight can change your face it can also be used on the lips to give a fuller looking lip!

Some people are lucky to have naturally full lips, but if you would like to learn some tips on enhancing your lips please keep reading. 🙂

1. Moisturize the lips
To start of you need to moisturize your lips, this is important because having a smooth, dry free base will make applying products so much more easier.

hello 1

2. Outlining the edge of the lips
This is easy as it just requires you to trace the line of the lip, if your would like you can over line the lips a tad bit but I prefer not to. When choosing a lip liner to outline the lips use a colour darker then the lipstick you will be using, as we are trying to create a shadowy effect.

hello 2

3. Lining the natural contours of your lips
Using the same lip liner, Line the natural contours of your lips that would occur if you were pouting.

hello 3

4. Using a white eyeshadow  or eyeliner to highlight
This is a very important step as this will make a big difference to the end result! The white eyeshadow/eyeliner will highlight in resulting bringing these parts forward. Colour every gap with the white between the contours that we lined earlier.

hello 4

5. Applying a light lipstick
By applying a lipstick lighter then the lip liner we used to outline and contour the lips will make sure that the lip liner doesn’t fade, using a light lipstick will make an effect from the outlines being dark and the inner part of the lips being light. It will create a beautiful blend with each colour doing its job beautiful. If done properly it will give you an amazing result!

hello 5


It took 5 STEPS to create this beautiful look! With just a few items! By following these easy steps you to can create this look.


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Thank you!! ❤ ❤


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