My 12 Summer Essentials!

hello summer essentials

Hey Guys!

Summer is nearly here. Believe it or not were still in spring! As most of you may know summer starts on the 20th June, but since the weather has been getting very hot and sunny I’ve changed my whole face and makeup routine. Though I have realised there are 12 things I have been reaching out for daily! They have surely become my summer essentials! I love these products and they are truly amazing (I can promise you that) Now enough of my talking, let me tell you about my 12 summer essentials 🙂

Benefit B.Right! Ultra Radiance face hydrating mist

This a truly amazing product. I KID YOU NOT! It keeps the skin hydrated aswell as making the makeup look beautiful. I like using this before applying foundation to give a dewy look or on its own when my skin is feeling very dry. I also like using this on my eyeshadow brushes when applying eyeshadow to give an intense look. It costs £20.50 but its worth it considering how much it lasts! I still have a WHOLE bottle to go!
This is available HERE

Nivea Double Effect Violet Senses Anti-Perspirant

I like using this on a daily basis as it keeps the sweat at bay and especially in the summer times! It is a life saver as it really does get rid of any smell and sweat, it makes you feel refreshed and smell good! Also gives you smooth underarms for AGES! I got this for £1.63 which is a bargain.
This is available HERE

Maybelline Mascara Lash Sensational – Very Black

Are you obsessed with long lashes like I am? If yes then this is the perfect product for you, this gives a natural but lengthening look. I had to get this after seeing this video from KAUSHAL BEAUTY  the effects this mascara gave on her lashes were INSANE! This mascara did not disappoint me either as it gave my lashes a beautiful lengthy look. I got this online from LOOKFANTASTIC. It cost £9.99 and free delivery.
This is available HERE

Boots Pharmaceuticals Dry Eyes Intensive Eye Drops

LIFESAVER! If I say so myself 😀 In the summer I tend to get very dry and gritty eyes that makes wearing contact lenses and makeup uneasy, but using this has cleared my eyes immensely and I love putting this on before my contact lenses and my eye makeup. I also like topping up a few times a day when I feel like my eyes are getting sensitive and dry. This is also good for people who have a tendency of using the laptop, mobile or TV a lot and restraining their eyes. I bought this for £4.09 which I must say is pretty expensive for a small bottle.
This is available HERE

Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eyeshadow

Giving a light wash of glitter this is perfect for the summer. It creates a very summer vibe and my favourite one for the summer is PINK OPAL. A stunning shimmery purple that looks stunning on brown eyes! I enjoy washing this all over my lid and then just applying mascara and I’m good to go 🙂 It has a very mousse like consistency, which is rather weird as I’m so used to using creamy eyeshadows! This cost me £7.99!
This is available HERE

Simple Kind To Eyes Soothing Eye Balm

Like the name suggest this is a soothing eye balm that hydrates you under eye leaving you under eye area moisturised and reduces puffiness. I like to sleep very late so for me this is a perfect product as it keeps my eyes looking less tired. This cost £1.99.
This is available HERE

Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss

NUDE LIPS. My fav! Definitely for the summer. When I think of a summer lip what always comes to mind is a glossy nude lip. This one is perfect as it hydrates and nourishes your lips. Dry lips are the last thing you need hahah. It is a rather thick consistency. The smell of this lip gloss is INSANSE. I love it ❤ It smells like mint! Now When you see the price of this you might find it to be pricey which is understandable especially if you are on a budget. 😦 This cost me £15.00!
This is available HERE

No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter

A beautiful pink champagne highlighter that will give you a natural looking highlight and dewy look without looking fake. It is efficient as all you need to do is twist the bottom the highlight twists out and pop it on the high points of your cheek. I like applying this to the bridge or my nose, top points of my cheekbones and cupids bow. This costs £9.95 but I can assure you it is well worth it as a little goes a long way with this product and this will last you a long time!
This is available HERE

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

A light dewy foundation that is perfect for the summer, it gives you a natural look and feels like you have nothing on the skin. It is a light to medium coverage and you can build it up. It is also good for photos as it gives you a flawless skin without the flashback! I got mine from Sephora in Italy or £29.00 but it is also available in the UK on Debenhams
This is available HERE

Nivea Sun Lotion Pure And Sensitive

This is definitely a essential for me during all times of the year but most so the summer. Sun lotion is good for the skin and can prevent skin from burning and skin cancer. It should be used all the time and applied regularly. I like this one because it is for sensitive skin and this does not cause me to break out like other sun lotions. This also does its job very well! I bought this for £11.00 which is worth it as you get a generous amount of cream.
This is available HERE

Primark Nude Sunglasses

Love the colour of these glasses and the shape! Bought in primark store for £3.00.


And there guys are my summer must haves/essentials. I hope you guys enjoyed!


I hope you are enjoying my blog so far! Suggestion are welcome so please do not hesitate.




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