10 Celebrities With The Most Beautiful Makeup Looks!

Hey Guys

I’m so obsessed with looking at other peoples makeup looks and trying to recreate them. Makeup is one of those things that if done properly can totally change the way someone looks and make them look stunning!
I love natural makeup looks also glam can be as beautiful if it is done by the right makeup artist.


I don’t know about you but I know when I see celebrities with a stunning makeup look I secretly die inside and want to wear the same look. They are probably the luckiest people in the world that can get their hand on AMAZING makeup artists and use them everyday. Today I thought I’d compile a list for you of 10 celebrities with the most beautiful makeup looks!!!

I hope you find them as beautiful as I find them and enjoy reading this blog post and learn something new.



This is ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LOOKS EVER! Done so beautiful and the makeup really just emphasises her beautiful long eyes, her foundation looks flawless and does not look cakey at all. I think Kim Kardashian’s makeup is always flawless. Ive tried recreating this look but it did not look nearly as good as this 😦 EPIC FAIL




I’m not trying to name the whole Kardashian-Jenner clan but Kendall Jenners makeup is ON POINT! That highlighting though. ITS LIFE ❤ She just looks so stunning and so natural with a pop of lip colour. Just everything about this look is honestly mesmerising. I would love to create this look ❤


Adriana Lima



I love this smokey look with the nude lips and the matte skin. It really suits her complexion and her eyes look stunning. This eye makeup really compliments her eyes <3. I’ve actually recreated this look a few times with success but I wouldn’t have done it with out the help of Carli Bybel’s video <—— LINK TO VIDEO HERE.



When I first this music video by Rihanna (Who’s that chick) I just couldn’t stop looking at her makeup. I kid you not when I say I was obsessed with this makeup look. The glossy eyeliner, Yellow eyeshadow and the bright pink blush. I know this is not a natural look and is more of an editorial look but nevertheless I love it! ❤


Mila Kunis


STUNNING ❤ A very neutral makeup look with beautiful long lashes. The skin looks amazing, The eyes look amazing, The lips look amazing EVERYTHING LOOKS AMAZING. This makeup really compliments her features very well.


Perrie Edwards


If I could create this look I would be the HAPPIEST girl in the world. The face that eyes look like the most beautiful thing makes me envy her! The brows are bold and the lips are nude A perfect package. Her makeup is always on point and I think she is one of the best examples when it comes to perfect makeup looks


Lauren Jauregui


I mean COME ON! Even the most ugly makeup would look good on those beautiful eyes! (most beautiful eyes in the world <3) The makeup look itself is perfect and the eye makeup is well blended and the definition of a perfect smokey eyes!


Vanessa Hudgens


Elongated eyes look stunning and Vaneesa Hudgens pulls it of perfectly. Very natural look with a beautiful liner look. I personally would wear this on a daily basis!


Tyra Banks


Quite a heavy looking makeup look in my opinion, but I love the pop of colour on the eyes and the highly arched brows. Eye makeup is blended seamlessly ❤


Zara Larsson


I could see this as a beautiful summery makeup looks! It just looks stunning and perfect. The eyes are matte with a thick liner and the sheen to the lips are beautiful. The skin looks amazing and dewy ❤




This was my 10 celebrities with the most amazing looks! I hope you agree with me and if you have any other celebrities looks you like that I may have missed out then please feel free to comment below.

Suggestions are more then welcome and if there is anything I need to improve on then please let me know. I hope you are enjoying my blog so far and please bear with me while I get a hang of this! ahha

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Thank you ❤ ❤ ❤




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