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Ive been trying to find a good eye mask for a hell of a long time! I could never put my hand on one I would think that would work for me, Ive always been skeptical about spending money on something that has no certainty to work especially when it comes to skin products. I came across TONY MOLY products while watching ReadySetGlamour on youtube where she tested and reviewed products. Video is linked  HERE
She was so good at testing out and reviewing these products, one product that caught my eye was the TONY MOLY panda’s dream eye patch, she had nothing but good things to say about this product and this persuaded me enough to go buy these eye masks straight away. I honestly thought that it was going to be very expensive to buy but when i had checked them out on BEAUTY BAY they were very INexpensive which really surprised me! Costing £1.95 for a pack of one I would say is honestly worth it considering prices of other eye masks out there on the market. So I decided to order 5 pairs and waited two days in anticipation looking out the window to see when my parcel would arrive. Finally the wait had finished today as it arrived after two days (very quick and excellent deliver service).
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DIY face mask – Oatmeal, Honey, yogurt



Hey guys!

Want to lighten pigmentation or acne scars?
Want beautiful smooth acne free skin?

Rest assure and believe me when I say I can help you with these problems, EVERY single one of them! With a few simple steps you can really get the skin you want and deserve. This mask is my holy grail mask and I LOVE doing it every week, because of the properties in this DIY mask it helps the skin in many different ways, as well as using this as a mask you can also exfoliate with this and is better then exfoliators in the shops.

Why is…

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A elegant wedding look!

With the wedding season coming up many to be brides will be most certainly be doing their research as well as scouting the web for the top notch bargains whether it be catering, a venue or a wedding dress. All are important decisions to be made for an
important day!
Fear not there is always a good bargain waiting to be found hahah!!

For a bride the most important thing I’d say is what she will wear on the day and how she will look. I’m sure there in every brides mind there are these few question zooming through the head; Will I look good on my wedding day? Will I get the prefect dress? how will my makeup and hair look?!
A bride is the most looked at person on her wedding day to say the least, every persons eye in the room is stuck on the bride so a wardrobe malfunction is simply on possible! So to avoid that I would love to share a look that I would wear and find elegant!

Dress – Emilia Grecian Waterfall bridal dress
This dress is very elegant and simple. Greek style with a bit of bling on the belt. It is very understated and is perfect for a bride who is looking for a simple yet a statement dress. This dress in my opinion has the WOW factor. It is lightweight and flows. The dress retails for £250.

Jewellery – Simply Silver Sterling silver mini clara cubic zirconia stud earrings

Earrings! I don’t think the dress personally needs any jewellery as it is beautiful on its own but if you would like to add accessories then I would say these earrings are beautiful! Sticking to the elegant theme this defiantly go with the wedding dress and like the dress is a very understated. These earrings retail for £10. BARGAIN!!!

Shoes – New look Cream bridal lace ankle strap heeled sandals
The ankle straps on these shoes adds a bit of attractiveness to the shoes if that even makes sense haha!!! For those brides that are not comfortable in walking in high heels I would say these are perfect for them as the heel is not to high.

I hope this guide was informative for you. Just a simple one look guide for all future brides out there.
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