I know its been a long time since I have blogged! hopefully I will start again soon. writing about beauty is my passion and for me to give up on my blog would be disappointing for me!!!

Wait for more beauty posts!!

thank you!


My 7 most used and AMAZING makeup products!

Hey guys,

I have quite a lot of makeup however I don’t use EVERY product EVERYDAY! To be honest some of my makeup is what I have had for the last past year (I know even makeup has an expiry date! naughty me lol).

On a daily basis I have 7 products that I really love using for an everyday look, which include a foundation, concealer, highlight and contour, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick and lip & blush tint

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3 amazing Eyeshadow palettes Im dying to buy!!

  • Morphe brushes Eyeshadow palette in 35T

    mobr0053f_1_l.jpgCan we just please take a moment to look at how beautiful this eyeshadow is!! I kid you now when I say I have seen every tutorial on this palette. The colours are so wearable and I know I will use EVERY colour in this palette. If it lives up to its reviews as the eyeshadows being ‘buttery and pigmented’ then this ia a good quality cheap palette that is excellent for every girl. The price of this palette is £18.25 and is available  HERE

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Getting Ready With Ramma: Pop Art Makeup — Jess Ramanouski

The Pop Art movement emerged in the 1950s, however it flourished in the 60s in America and Britain. The inspiration come from popular and commercial culture e.g. advertising, music and Hollywood movies. It began as a revolt against the dominant approaches to art and culture, to go against the traditional views that people had towards […]

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Huda beauty Lashes!

Has there ever been a product were you’ve been desperate to try out? Well that is the case for me with Huda beauty lashes. I really really really want to try these lashes out! the look of these lashes just make me die from inside, Seeing beauty gurus on YouTube trying out these lashes makes me envy them 😦
My favourite ones have to be the Giselle lashes. They look wispy and natural looking. This is a MUST to try out!
Cult beauty do fortunately stock them!!

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