Crazy Toothbrush Beauty Hacks…NOT TO BE IGNORED!!!

Hello guys!,

Now I know when you think of a toothbrush you think of just using it to brush your teeth, however it can be used for many BEAUTY HACKS and making use of one tool for multiple jobs is a LIFE saver that saves you a ton load of money! These are the things I use it for and I hope this helps you!!!

1. Doing powder contour or highlight.
This may sound a bit silly but I do like dipping my toothbrush in my contour powder when I want to achieve a strong chiselled look. I find it gives the most sharp and precise line to my contour and really gets in to the hollow of my cheeks. I also use this for highlighting as I find it easy to highlight my nose, highpoints of my cheek and cupids bow, it really deposits the product properly on my face.

2. Exfoliating the nose
A lot of people suffer from blackheads on the nose and from personal experience it is a pain in the ASS! I hated the look of my nose with blackheads just made my skin look rough and foundation never really settled on my nose properly. I would always squeeze my blackheads out and it would leave my nose painful and extremely red, not to mention squeezing blackheads out regular can cause scarring. Simple solution for this agony? the toothbrush! I put some exfoliating cream on my toothbrush and would then exfoliate my nose with the toothbrush, leaving my nose soft and looking beautifully clean!!! thank the LORD!! hahaha.

3. Taming the brow hairs
Having tamed eyebrows really makes your look more clean and makes you look well groomed. With someone like me having thick eyebrows is a chore and I always have to set my brows in place so there not all over the place. After doing my brows I like to spray my toothbrush with hairspray then combing through my brows until they are neat and trim. EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY! 🙂

4. Taking of Matte Lipstick
Matte lipstick loved by many including me, looks elegant and gives the illusion of bigger and beautiful lips, BUT to every good thing there is a downside…and so there is to Matte lipsticks. They are a very hard to take off and stick to the skin like glue, ITS MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!! however….HAVE NO FEAR BECAUSE THE TOOTHBRUSH IS HERE. I like to take the toothbrush and scrub my lips with this, the benefits of this is that it takes of my lipstick as well as makes my lips soft and moisturized.

5. De Clump those lashes
We all love to use mascara, makes our whole look complete and makes the eyes look beautiful. I don’t know about you but I can certainly say that I really do overload the mascara on my lashes causing them to clump up. (excitement gets the most of me!) Not a very attractive look the clumped eye look but using the toothbrush is the easiest way for me to get rid of the clumped lashes and turn my lashes in to long, fanned out lashes! LOOKS GOOOOD!!!

Now you’ve read this you can try and see if this works for you! If yes then GREAT! Share with your friends and like comment and follow!

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Hellloooo..?!?!? DUPE ALERT: Chanel perfection lumiere



Chanel perfection Lumiere foundation was the luxury brand foundation I ever bought and laid hands on, I bought it online for my 18th birthday and the shade I bought was a random guess that turned out PERFECT for my skin! When I received my packaging I was pretty excited and the glass bottle looked elegant and the foundation smell got me going CRAZY. Probably one of the best smelling foundations ever?!?! YES a very big statement but that’s how much I adored borderline obsessed over this foundation. Putting it on the face was like heaven, a very thin consistency that glided on to the skin like a dream and left the skin texture soft with no imperfections but without looking cakey. It gave the confidence boost I needed and made me feel like my skin was naturally perfect. I used this foundation DAAAILY for 7 months and then after that I just couldn’t afford it due to the price, so this was two years ago and it was in those two years I went on too try many other foundation brands including NO7, Rimmel, L’oreal and makeup for ever, but nothing ever felt the same as the Chanel.   Continue reading

Top 3 Lipsticks: SHYLAHBEAUTY

I LOVE wearing lipstick, I believe that lipstick finishes of any makeup look and makes you look more alive and presentable. Depending on your skin tone there will be different lipsticks that suit you. So what suits you might not suit me at ALL. Nude lipsticks are probably my favourite colour of lipsticks and that may possibly be because of my skin tone the only lipsticks that suit me to the T are any type of nudes, however I do like wearing a pop of colour sometimes. Sometimes shopping for lipsticks can be Bloody hard! Nowadays there are so many variety of colours to choose from, that one might get confused. This is why I’ve made my version  of the TOP 3 LIPSTICKS.
(*This is just my own view on my top 3 lipsticks and why I like them, what might work for me may not work for you and vice versa.)

1. Charlotte Tilbury in Very Victoria

This is one of my favourite lipsticks. It is a taupe brown/pinkish shade. To me its a very neutral shade! When I first saw this lipstick I LOVED the colour but was very apprehensive with buying because its ‘matte’ finish, however I was pleasantly surprised when I used this lipstick for the first time and it a very moisturising matte lipstick. It didn’t leave my lips at all dry and that’s what I liked about this lipstick. Its very hard to find to matte lipsticks that are also hydrating, but this one is totally a gem. Depending on you lip colour and skin shade the lipstick will have a different result. The packaging of this lipstick is very sleek but simple, love the colour of the lipstick packaging.
The price of this lipstick is £23 which is rather pricey if your on a budget BUT I would say it is most certainly worth it as it a very good lipstick with a great colour payoff.

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Getting Ready With Ramma: Pop Art Makeup — Jess Ramanouski

The Pop Art movement emerged in the 1950s, however it flourished in the 60s in America and Britain. The inspiration come from popular and commercial culture e.g. advertising, music and Hollywood movies. It began as a revolt against the dominant approaches to art and culture, to go against the traditional views that people had towards […]

via Getting Ready With Ramma: Pop Art Makeup — Jess Ramanouski


Urban Decay on the run eye look

I’m not going to lie but urban decay naming this palette on the run reminds of someone committing a heinous crime and is ‘on the run’ LMAO..!!

This palette is one of my all time favourite, and the reason is because it contains everything from mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss,  5 eyeshadows, contour, blush and highlight. For me personally this is something I would take on holiday with me or when I’m going to work because it contains everything I basically need in one box. I bought mine from Debenhams with the price of £37 which is a bargain considering what the box contains.

Id like to share with you guys one of my looks I did with this palette which is one of the looks I LOVE, I think this look is beautiful for any eye colour (especially blue eyes). A very easy makeup look with only using two eyeshadows.

addtext_com_MTczNDI3MjEzNDA (1)


As you can see I used the matte shade ‘2’ as my crease shade and shimmery coppery gold shade ‘1’ as my lid shade too create this beautiful natural eye look that can be worn on any occasions aswell as a every day look.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

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Foolproof of mastering gel eyeliner!

Putting on gel eyeliner is a task sometimes and quite a difficult task! I spent many years mastering the art of lining my eye lids LOL! As easy as it may look putting on eyeliner can be time consuming, One of my secrets to foolproof way of mastering gel eyeliner is by using a pen. NOOOOOO not those types of pen that you use to write but those one that’s can be put from a makeup counter like a fine liner felt tip pen.


This is one of I bought from abroad but some of my recommendations for felt tip liner will be listed below. This pen is extremely easy to use as it has a fine tip with a lot of control, however the downside to these pens is that they tend to semi dry out rather quick! Now this is were the second part comes in. Taking any gel liner…this is one is from Rimmel called the scandaleyes waterproof gel eyeliner


Now taking the felt tip pen and I dip it in my gel liner pot, covering the felt tip with a generous amount of eyeliner and then I just apply to eyeliner to my eye like I normally would! Its easy as ONE, TWO, THREE!!!!

And this is the final look:

My recommendations for felt tip eyeliner –
DIOR diorshow art pen   £26
AOM extreme art liner pen  £18.95
Barry M blink felt tip liquid eyeliner   £5
Rimmel London colour precise eyeliner   £4.49

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Huda beauty Lashes!

Has there ever been a product were you’ve been desperate to try out? Well that is the case for me with Huda beauty lashes. I really really really want to try these lashes out! the look of these lashes just make me die from inside, Seeing beauty gurus on YouTube trying out these lashes makes me envy them 😦
My favourite ones have to be the Giselle lashes. They look wispy and natural looking. This is a MUST to try out!
Cult beauty do fortunately stock them!!

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A elegant wedding look!

With the wedding season coming up many to be brides will be most certainly be doing their research as well as scouting the web for the top notch bargains whether it be catering, a venue or a wedding dress. All are important decisions to be made for an
important day!
Fear not there is always a good bargain waiting to be found hahah!!

For a bride the most important thing I’d say is what she will wear on the day and how she will look. I’m sure there in every brides mind there are these few question zooming through the head; Will I look good on my wedding day? Will I get the prefect dress? how will my makeup and hair look?!
A bride is the most looked at person on her wedding day to say the least, every persons eye in the room is stuck on the bride so a wardrobe malfunction is simply on possible! So to avoid that I would love to share a look that I would wear and find elegant!

Dress – Emilia Grecian Waterfall bridal dress
This dress is very elegant and simple. Greek style with a bit of bling on the belt. It is very understated and is perfect for a bride who is looking for a simple yet a statement dress. This dress in my opinion has the WOW factor. It is lightweight and flows. The dress retails for £250.

Jewellery – Simply Silver Sterling silver mini clara cubic zirconia stud earrings

Earrings! I don’t think the dress personally needs any jewellery as it is beautiful on its own but if you would like to add accessories then I would say these earrings are beautiful! Sticking to the elegant theme this defiantly go with the wedding dress and like the dress is a very understated. These earrings retail for £10. BARGAIN!!!

Shoes – New look Cream bridal lace ankle strap heeled sandals
The ankle straps on these shoes adds a bit of attractiveness to the shoes if that even makes sense haha!!! For those brides that are not comfortable in walking in high heels I would say these are perfect for them as the heel is not to high.

I hope this guide was informative for you. Just a simple one look guide for all future brides out there.
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